Tuesday, March 20, 2012

:: from the garden ::

52 weeks of happiness: week 3
(photo credit: Jetta)
The weather has been so nice that we have found ourselves diving into the garden with gusto. Last year we took what small amount of land we had around our house and turned most of it into an edible landscape. After fighting off squash bugs and having some success and some failure in our gardening efforts last year we are looking forward to what the garden will bring this year with a little experience and know how under our belts. We have LOTS of work to do but it is so much fun because it involves the whole family. For the next few months the garden is our class room, our playground, our gym, our grocery, our canvas, and our connection to earth and life. You can see below what we have been up to in this garden of ours.

This mulch pile is bigger than I thought. Glad we have such big helpers.

I cut my first piece of wood using a circular saw to create steps in the garden. I didn't really want to, but John encouraged me and I have to say it was pretty fun. Wow, watch out John, I may not need you any more! :) 

We are still eating our arugula from last year. So good. I love it a little more spicy tasting. 

Little hands love to get dirty. Filling little starter pots with soil is the perfect job.

There is just something so wonderful about feeling the dirt on my skin  My favorite childhood memories are sitting in a mud puddles playing for hours. I haven't changes much.

We had a surprise 10 minute hail storm in the middle of a perfectly sunny warm day. Wow! The garden wasn't expecting that. Pour little plants.

Just a little sweet snuggle.

Decided to paint the old shed with lots of little hands to help.

I had some time to reconnect with my inner artist. It has been a while since I took time to paint something on my own. It felt good.

I even made a little sculpture to keep the collards company.

Scout loved his new swing and had a permanent smile on his face while Grandma kept him going........

he loved it so much that he actually fell asleep.

we are starting some seeds this year in our hoop houses. Tomatoes, flowers, cucumbers and more.

That old shed has a new life. One that celebrates our family and the garden. 

Moving a mountain of mulch is always more fun when you have a buddy. 

We have a little space left in our front yard, so I had John till it up and....

we created a new strawberry bed. 

I am determined to use every possible space I have to grow food and plants that sustain us and our environment. It is a journey and a process of learning and changing the way we think fay by day. Taking back our land from the grass and using it to nourish our bodies and souls is worth thr effort.

This garden truly makes me happy


Jessica said...

WOW! LOL, I'm tried from reading and seeing all that you and your family did! Need to get out into my yard now.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Looks like a great day. Love the painting on the shed.

Kim Corrigan-Oliver said...

I love, love, love you painting on the shed. And I totally love getting my hands dirty too, there is something so healing about putting your hands into the earth.

We have been in garden clean up mode around here, with summer like weather in March, I had to get outside. No planting yet though, I know there is cold weather coming again.

Sue said...

What fun for the whole family. Working together is good for the family's soul!


Anonymous said...

Gotta love spending the first day of spring gardening. We did the same here in Colorado and even got a makeshift hoop house of sorts up in record time. Happy Growing!