Thursday, January 19, 2012

recycled collages

This week we had a couple friend over and made collages using only recycled material. The night before the project John ran around our neighborhood and raided peoples recycle bins scoring some pizza boxes that we used as our canvas. We had been collecting recycled materials all week including toilet paper rolls, popsicle sticks, egg cartons, plastic bags, buttons and old magazines to make into art. We also planned on going out for a trash walk the morning of, but it rained and we decided to just make due with what we had. The only other supplies we used was paint, glue and brushes. 
Pilot made a sunburst by folding paper fans and gluing them together.

We made flowers out of folded and cut plastic bags stuffed into toilet paper rolls and then painted them. 

I made a tree of life by ripping up a plastic bag, twisting it with glue and sticking into to my pizza box lid in the shape of a tree. All in all a fun art project for all.

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Kim Corrigan-Oliver said...

I love your tree!!!! Great project for kids (and adults).

Looks like they had a blast.

SocialStudiesSoubrette said...

What a fantastic art project. I will have to try this with my Little Bit!

WorldSchooler said...

this is great! i love the art. we have a small collection of crafty-like things that we accumulate and sometimes use...making paper dolls out of cardboard bits, etc. plastic pieces can become windows in houses made by cardboard boxes, ect. the girls love it but I have never gone out and found stuff like that. nice. THanks for sharing! such a great blog.