Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Building a Boat with Dad

John here.  Pilot has been obsessed with the idea of building a boat.  Every morning for the past two weeks he wakes up and asks "are we going to build the boat today?"  So we set a date to build the boat: Saturday morning otherwise known as "Daddy Day".
While Pilot and I gathered all the scrap wood that was stacked along the fence in our yard, Jetta decided to water our new berry patch.  
We took inventory on our wood supply and then planned our cuts.  Pilot and Jetta were great helpers with marking all the cuts for me. 

All that measuring and woodwork was exhausting.  So my crew took a 5 minute breather.
Then it was time to assemble all the parts we had created. 
Ahhhhhh, Pilot sure was glad to have his boat to kick back and relax in. It was a fun morning and a great project. I am glad Pilot had the idea and the persistence to make it happen.

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Jacob said...

Awesome! I love the series of photos, but the last is priceless.