Monday, March 21, 2011

Wood Projects

Pilot loves to play knights and even more than that he loves making things with his Daddy. He wanted to make a sword out of wood, so John had him design one on a piece of paper before he cut out the shape into wood. They build things all the time. Pilot's latest idea is to build a boat. Now, I am interested in how this will turn out. I am not sure who loves these projects more, John or Pilot. They are definitely two peas in a pod. There is nothing better then creating something with your own hands. I feel as we clear more and more of our house of plastic store bought items day by day, it really does leave space and time for creating things with our own hands and from our own creative minds. It becomes more then just getting to the final product. It is experiencing the joys of the process itself that we miss most of the time.

Sanding his sword with great concentration. 
Pilot was so excited to see what he had drawn on paper come to life.

And for the finishing touches.....a little color.

He is so lucky to have a Dad like John.
Below is some another wood projects the kids and john worked on using their own designs. 

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