Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Sweet Boy

I just had to capture his cuteness this morning. He is such a blessing to my life. There are so many little moments that I think I will never forget, but of course, life is so full of those moments that inevitably I forget most of them. There was one the other night though that I hope I never do. I was reading my book in bed and the kids had been asleep for a while when the door cracked open and Pilot walked in around to my side of the bed and said " I think I know more of the song now. Do you want to hear it?" His face was so full of excitement, I couldn't tell him to go back to bed, so I said "of course". He first crouched into a ball to quietly rehearse the song before performing it and then announced he was ready to sing. Out came the sweetest little voice I had ever heard singing " Whistle a Happy Tune, so know will suspect I'm afraid......while shivering in my shoes, I strike a careless pose.........." And on he went. So proud and happy to be sharing this with me. A few times he made a mistake on the words and died laughing at himself. There just aren't words to express the kind of love that I have for this little boy. I always want him to know who he is and know that I love him for that. I want him to know that others will love that too, but unfortunately I can't promise that. I want him to grow up in a world were whomever he decides to love will be respected and honored, whatever beliefs he has he will be comfortable sharing, but I can't promise that either.  Actually, every time I look at him I see him as the man he will become and I feel so responsible for letting him know at every step that I am here for him, and that I will honor who he is. I want this sweet, sensitive, loving, creative, expressive little 4 year old to remember who he is and never be afraid to be a sweet, sensitive, loving, creative and expressive man in this wold. I can't count on the world to give him this, so I will just have to make sure that each day I create a place in my home that nurtures his spirit to grow in the way it was meant to. 

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Megan said...

So beautiful, Priscilla. You have me teary-eyed over here...