Sunday, February 13, 2011

Finding Fun Knitting Projects

After the initial excitement around learning to knit, my daughter became quickly bored with it.  The other day she says to me "Mommy, I am really so sorry, but I just have to say something to you. Okay?...... I hate knitting. I really hate it. I just hate it. I'm sorry." Well, what do I do with that? I had to think about it. On one hand, I suppose everyone has the right to not enjoy certain activities, but on the other hand I had to really think about what part of it she wasn't liking. I didn't want to just throw away all that yarn and energy spent in learning it. Besides, I really do think it is a great activity that everyone should at least know how to do. So, I decided to rethink the scarf or blanket idea, and gear our knitting to what my kids love. Little animals, dolls or other small toys.  And it worked! We got the whole family in on the fun and  came up with some really exciting, creative things to make. The kids took out paper and designed what they wanted to knit and we were off. Even my 3 year old learned to finger knit with one finer to make knitted flowers.

Jetta's new monster named Emma. 

So I think what I realized from this experience is that you may think you hate something, but maybe you just haven't found the part of it that you could enjoy. This is a concept I want to explore some more. Who know, maybe I just think I hate working on cars, and doing math problems........
I think Jetta has changed her mind about least for now. On to the next project! 
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