Friday, December 10, 2010

Paper Snowflake Madness

St. Nicolas came last week and brought lots of shinny, colorful origami paper and some chocolate covered raisins. The raisins were gone in minutes and then we all sat down at the art table and made snowflakes with the paper. Although John doesn't usually do many of the craft projects with us, when he does he get really into it. And he is so good at it. This was such a fun way to spend a morning together. Folding each piece of paper and cutting little shapes in it, then opening it up and revealing this beautiful work of art. Even my three year old made some beautiful ones and none left the table until every sheet of paper had been used. That took about 2 hours. Wow, we had a full day and it was only 8:30am.

After we had finished we decided that we were all hungry and made some breakfast before hanging them up in the windows.

John and Jetta worked on a huge snowflake made by using a bunch of snowflakes and twisting them together to form one large one. You can see how to do it yourself here. John added the two sided effect by gluing two pieces of paper together first.
We hung it on the door and we love it so much that we have decided that we will make one every year to hang on our door.

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From Tracie said...

All the snowflakes look colorful and fun! That last one is really incredible!