Monday, October 18, 2010

Nature and Fantasy: Arcimboldo inspired art project

On a rainy Friday last week we went by metro to the National Gallery of Art in DC. We had not planned to go, but after dropping my husband off at the airport to fly to China, we just decided to jump on the Metro and have an adventure. Because we had not planned the trip, we ended up walking for quite some time in the rain with no umbrella or rain coats. We were "singing in the rain" and dancing too. It was wonderful to just be in the moment and experiencing weather and time as it was happening.
When we got to the museum we looked around for a couple minutes to see if anything would catch our eye.

Immediately we saw this wonderful nature/tree/head statue. We were immediately drawn in to learn more. The exhibit was "Arcimboldo, 1526-1593: Nature and Fantasy" We devoured the exhibit and spent the ride home talking about our favorite paintings from the exhibit.

When we got home I had the idea to create our own Arcimboldo inspired art work. Boo (my Mother in law) was over and got so excited about it that she participated too. My homeschooling class is getting bigger by the minute. (Age is no factor here.) We took out my old food magazines and everyone cut out pictures of food that they wanted to use in their pictures. Then they placed them together as they saw fit to create a face.

Here are the final products. I was so impressed with them! Arcimboldo's got nothing on us.

This is my 3 year old son Pilot's face. He had some help cutting out the circle eyes, and squeezing the glue. All the rest was him.

This is my Mother in law's face. I think she did a very nice job. 
This is my 6 year old daughter Jetta's face. She did this all on her own. 
We had so much fun with this project and learned about an Artist, his life, his paintings, and a new way of seeing faces and art that will inspire our own lives. I think we will continue this format and see what will inspire us next time at the museum. I encourage you to get out to your local museum and see what will inspire you.

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