Saturday, July 03, 2010

Giant Zucchinis and more from our garden

Check out what we picked from our garden one morning this week. Yes, that is a
real zucchini! I feel like we live on a farm. Wow! I am still so amazed at what you can do with a small garden.

I think I could have one a prize for this squash. And, yes it is all organic.

 We made squash blossoms stuffed with cheese and fried in butter and olive oil
(something I learned from Boo).  We also made tons of zucchini pancakes.
Both were delicious.  

Jetta, as usual, was such a wonderful help cooking. Here she is stuffing the blossoms with cheese.

These squash blossoms were unbelievable! You have to eat them right when they come out of the pan, nice and hot. If they cool down the cheese gets hard and they don't taste as good.
These Gluten Free zucchini pancakes were so delicious. We took them to the beach with us. They were even good cold. 
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