Friday, October 21, 2011

This Moment: afternoon nap

This is a special moment from the past week that I want to stop, savor and enjoy. If you want to see other moments being shared this morning, go over to SouleMama. 


Shel said...

So sweet! A picture to treasure for years to come!

Here’s our moment this week. Grace and one of her best friends helping with the harvest at Old Sturbridge Village!

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new baby boy. So sweet!

Caroline said...

Congratulations on your new little one! These moments go fast! My newest little is already almost 6 months old! This really is a moment to savor ;)

Here is our moment (with our little one, Maura!)

Mary said...

Simply precious! A moment that will be remembered a lifetime :)

Sofia's Ideas said...

OMGosh! What a blessing! I can't think of anything more heartwarming than to see your lovie being held that way by a loved one... *sigh*

It was hard for me to choose a moment this week, but since this made me laugh at myself & how far I've come with ocd, I chose "Cheerios and Toes".

I really hope you will take a "moment" to come by! :)

Ellen said...

Such a wonderful blessing from the Lord! Congratulations.