Thursday, June 02, 2011

Not learning to "read" yet

I am really enjoying how the Waldorf curriculum ( I really like the Christopherous Curriculum) not only brings art and emotion into all learning, but makes it the foundation of everything that is learned.  Although Jetta is technically doing kindergarten this year, we have started the 1st grade curriculum a little so that in the fall when the baby is born, we can all take some time off to get to know him and not feel like we have to play catch up. Because we didn't start with the Waldorf curriculum right away, Jetta already learned her letters and numbers before kindergarten, but I have been so happy with the unique way this curriculum teaches them that we are learning them all over again with a new perspective. I feel like I am developing my own little love affair with the letters that I never had. Each one is taught with such character and meaning using stories and personalities to bring to life the letters that make you care about them and love them.  And isn't that what really matters? Isn't it true that when you care, you want to learn? I also love how not being able to read yet has not  held Jetta back from "reading" all the time. She sits for hours "reading" to her brother story after story. I really do believe that it is because she can't read yet, that she explores books like a real storyteller. She looks at the pictures and tells the most interested stories full of expression and excitement while her brother listens mesmerized and delighted by her every word. This zest for books  and understanding of story is what true reading is about.  But for the time being, most of her time is spent playing outside or in some type of pretend world, which I think  is just where a 6 or 7 year old should be.

Learning Letters starts in first grade: each letter represents a character from a story that is told.

Swans are made to go with S and the story the of the Six Swans is told and enacted together using the swan puppets.

Please take a minute to read this article called More To Reading . I found it very interesting and informative. 

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