Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pilot is a funny boy!

Pilot is such a funny boy! Whenever he hears music or if he thinks something is funny (which is all the time) he starts dancing. He stomps his feet and does a twirl. We are just laughing all the time with him.
As you can see.....he loves peek-a-boo and getting into tight spaces. He is so quick. I just take my eyes off him for one second and he is off finding something to get into.
He is almost a year old. Actually he is smiling at me right now as he dances in the corner of the kitchen. He is so good at playing with the other children. He loves a party and loves the outdoors.

Our little Pilot is a true joy. He brings such a feeling of happiness to our home. Viewing things from behind his eyes, the world looks so exciting and full of kindness and blissful wonders.
Thanks Pi!
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