Sunday, June 10, 2007

Pilot 3 months, Jetta almost 3

Jetta is performing a little ballet dance with her class. She took pictures yesterday with her little flower tutu on. At first she was not going to put it on and started to cry. I felt terrible and told her she didn't have to. Then as she saw all her other little flowers friends running around she wanted to put it on, but made sure that I knew "no dancing, just pictures, OK?" that was so funny because she always loves class. I definitely don't have any expectations for the show. I just want her to have fun doing it.

We have also been going to the pool a bit. It took Jetta a few hours to get back into the 'swim' of things, but she is now trying to swim underwater and hardly comes up enough to take a breath. She loves it.

Pilot is such a character and has such a great disposition. He seems to be tickled by everything and everyone. I will catch him looking at me while I am talking to someone and as soon as I give him eye contact he will break out into the most infectious smile I have ever seen. We are still up a lot with him in the night (nursing, not crying), but Jetta sleeps in her own bed!(her new PINK bed :-)) Most nights I just read her a book , turn out the light and give her a big hug and kiss. I leave the room and I hear her tucking in her bear or doll, whichever she has decided to sleep with that night. I am always in shock as I close the door to my bedroom. I never thought this day would come. All the night time parenting with Jetta and sleepy sleepy days were all worth it. This time around with Pilot, both John and I are just savoring every moment, because we now know it will end sooner than later.


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